It is my belief that there are multiple routes to healing and that the key is to listen carefully to each person’s story and body. By listening, I gather information about a person’s unique history, health, and life circumstances that may play a role in their pain or illness. I also receive information through observation, palpation, and sense tensions deep in the body with my hands. Then, gentle therapeutic methods and precise treatments allow tension or imbalances to be released to allow proper circulation, movement and balance. My goal is to help each client have less pain, more flexibility, and optimal function in their daily life.


I am an Occupational Therapist with a specialty in manual therapy and healing arts. Having worked several years as a clinician in many hospital settings, I came to realize that a patients pain often manifested simultaneously in several areas of the body and that discomfort would arise at different times, in different areas. Over time, it became clear to me that physical tension and pain were frequently tied to emotional triggers, levels of stress, unhappiness or trauma. This led me to seek wholistic therapies that supported a personalized, integrated approach to healing and wellness – methods that fully “listen” to the mind, body and spirit.
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Manual Therapy and Healing

Many conditions caused by tension or trauma can be treated successfully using gentle, non-invasive therapies. Manual therapy uses the sensitivity of the hands to detect and resolve areas of tension (“restrictions”), misalignment and “blockages” in the  body. Problems may be in the bones, nervous system, muscles, organs, tissues or even within  groups of cells. Restrictions may be a result of inflammation, injury, surgery, infection or even harbored emotions.
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